Currency converter aim to maintain real-time information on current market or bank exchange rates, so that the calculated result changes whenever the value of either of the component currencies does by connecting to a database of current currency exchange rates.

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Bogor Agricultural University

Indonesian Farmers’ Market (Pasar Rakyat Tani) 2015 is A market that connect the end consumers to the farmers directly. On March 15th 2015 Pasar Rakyat Tani has succeed to collect 47 suppliers who provide agriculture commodities such as vegetables, fruits, processed foods, plants, meats, seafood, eggs, herbs, and spices with hundreds of buyers. The end consumers could buy products with lower prices than the supermarket offered. Besides, they could help the farmers to get more profits because the farmers do not need high cost to enter market. Both seller and buyer give positive responses about this event. In order to reach the higher success story, Pasar Rakyat Tani will be held again this year, on September 5th and 6th 2015 at IPB Baranangsiang, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

Please do contact: Sabrina (0813-6940-9704/0896-067-068-63)

Powered by Wind Turbines

Did you know that our website runs on power from wind turbines?

It does. All websites hosted by are placed on servers that solely run on power from wind turbines.

Why are wind turbines better for the environment?

Because wind turbines produce 100 % renewable energy, based on a natural resource.

How is this possible?

Our servers are placed at data centres that run on power purchased with RECS-certificates, which guarantees that the power used comes from wind turbines. RECS stands for Renewable Energy Certificate System, and is a worldwide collaboration that makes it possible to book and claim power.

This is our contribution to a greener environment – take your part and let host your website!

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial By Experts

Adobe llustrator can be a mystifying program, but this course breaks it down into easy-to-understand sections that even an absolute beginner can understand.

Course Description

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course.
In this Adobe Illustrator CS6 training course, an expert author and trainer guides you through the tools and techniques that are available to you in this vector graphics editor from Adobe Systems. Used by professionals around the world.

  • Lectures 117
  • Video 10 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
  • Includes Lifetime access
    30 day money back guarantee!
    Available on iOS and Android
    Certificate of Completion

See you at the top of Google – Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps for the first time!  Search Engine Optimization secrets made available for the “non-IT-expert”!

Even if you know nothing about optimizing search engine results, this eBook, SEE YOU AT THE TOP OF GOOGLE, can help you to land your company on the first page of a Google search within hours!

You will learn:

  •         Tricks to boost your site without the cost of expensive IT consultants
  •         How to make a homepage that Google falls in love with
  •         How to make a really good looking Google-friendly video
  •         What Google looks for that determines your ranking

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, one which can help you to quickly and easily build your readership and your customer base.

Download the E-book today

Price: $25 (USD)
Size: 3,5 Mb
Pages: 67
Language: English

Multilingual Digital Marketing

Multilingual Digital Marketing
How To Achieve Your Digital Marketing Objectives And Increase Sales.

The momentum that leads a buyer to your business…

Multilingual Digital Marketing  will guide you through strategies that will optimize your website to get the best possible results. The ebook can help with any of your digital marketing goals, and out-dated information is not an issue; the ebook’s principles are the same despite the tools a marketer of company uses.

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